Update Conducting Human Subjects Research during COVID-19: 

This update applies to research that has already been approved as well as to new applications if research involves in-person interaction with human subjects.

Researchers that have approved IRB protocols and plan to continue in-person research during the pandemic need to complete a change to an approved protocol application. The change must disclose the risks of conducting such research during the pandemic as well as a mitigation plan. Risks must be disclosed in the application as well as the informed consent. Please refer to “The Seven to Remember" from Task Force Lazarus.

Application Forms for New Protocols

Other Submission Forms

Sample Consent Form Template


Walsh University IRB: irb@walsh.edu |  330-490-7443 

Federalwide Assurance Number (FWA): FWA00022389
(Expiration 07/18/2023)
IRB # 00009923
(Expiration 02/09/2024)