The office of Culture & Belonging proudly hosts WUMOSAIC, a program designed to support our incoming multicultural students during their transition at Walsh University. Just as the beauty of a mosaic is made possible only by the uniqueness of each diverse tile, at Walsh University we celebrate the uniqueness of all individuals as members of our campus community. Our appreciation for diversity at Walsh is a collective commitment throughout campus, which begins with supporting our students of color at the onset of their college experience.

MOSAIC compliments new student orientation and precedes Welcome Weekend to serve as a starting point to help new students gain familiarity with important academic, social and cultural supports on campus and within our local community. Students will learn about important programs and services, how to get involved on campus as well as how to stay connected throughout the academic year. Most importantly, MOSIAC creates a greater sense of community among our multicultural students by establishing a network of peer, faculty, staff and alumni connections.

If you are interested in participating in Walsh University Mosaic, please contact Megan Huston, Director of Culture & Belonging at or 330.490.7155.