Walsh Announces Steps to Strengthen Inclusivity

Cav Nation,

As our Academic Year winds down with our final summer session, we remain committed to continuing the numerous conversations on campus regarding diversity and inclusion, including important conversations about human dignity, the racial divide, and support for LGBTQIA+ students.

These are important discussions for every Catholic educational institution as we seek to further our distinctively Catholic educational philosophy – grounded in our understanding of human nature and living a just and purpose-filled life – with a commitment to being a university welcoming students, staff, coaches, and faculty of all faith traditions and lived experiences.

These conversations with stakeholders and constituencies across the university family and in our surrounding community highlight the on-going need for reflection and encourage a strong, campus-wide effort to further our naturally inclusive community culture while remaining true to our alignment with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

Your university leadership team continues to engage in meaningful dialogue with constituencies across Cav Nation and beyond on how we can best enhance the support for our diverse student body and to accompany them on their journey in a meaningful and all-encompassing way.

Building upon our current work, we can, must, and will do more.

Today we are announcing additional steps to foster an even more inclusive Walsh University community of belonging – one of our core values!

These additional steps are not exhaustive, and we look forward to working with coaches, faculty, staff, and students as well as alumni and members of the local community to enhance and further mature the “Walsh experience.”

Accompaniment and faithfulness to a Catholic worldview will continue to guide us in all our efforts.
Summer 2021

  • Create Student Focus Groups to contribute to the open discussions
  • Establish a Diversity and Inclusion committee with representation from all affinity groups - this committee will be part of the expanding “Walsh United” initiative
  • Identify and meet with students of all of our affinity groups, including LBGTQIA+ students, to examine additional support needed, including improved ways to meet and connect
  • Provide “Cultural Humility” training for the Cabinet, committee members, and other leadership at Walsh University in preparation for campus-wide education

Fall 2021

  • Create a student-led Diversity and Inclusion Subcommittee
  • Host the inaugural “President’s Leadership Dinner” at the Cav House for student representatives involved with Walsh United


  • Provide training for counselors and others on campus
  • Resource and provide (or explore creating) a 24/7 crisis “hotline”
The Catholic Church teaches us that the dignity of the human person is the foundation of a moral vision for society; thus, each person will always be treated with compassion, dignity, kindness, respect, and sensitivity. 
Walsh University is and always has been a place for all of us … every student, faculty, coach, and staff member matters and belongs to our community.
In Christ, we make up one body, where all matter and all belong.
We look forward to working on this important issue with each of you … join us as we seek to live out our mission in an ever-more impactful manner!
Our Lady of Perpetual Help, pray for us to become more like Jesus every day in our words, thoughts and deeds. 
 - Tim