Walsh University’s Athletic Department Participates in Emergency Action Plan Training

Walsh University’s Athletic Department, including coaching and administrative staff, participated in Emergency Action Plan (EAP) training run by Walsh Athletic Trainer Angela Heintz in collaboration with North Canton EMS and Campus Police.

Heintz divided participants into small groups who practiced locating and using the AED (Automated External Defibrillator) equipment on campus, including inside the Cecchini Center and on Larry Staudt Field. In one scenario where coaches practiced a life-saving measure, they had only six minutes to assess a student who experienced cardiac arrest, call an EMS with their precise location and the nearest entrance, start chest compressions, retrieve an AED from a designated location and wave down EMS. Campus Police also spoke to participants about active shooters and the North Canton EMS explained what coaches should do in these situations.

According to Heintz, the goal of the EAP training is to empower athletic staff to react with a greater level of confidence to potential health-related emergencies or other dangerous situations on campus.

“If you can predict it, you can manage it,” she said. “Coaches play a vital role in the safety of our athletes, and the EAP training is a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between CPR and AED skills while also practicing and preparing for emergency situations.”