Walsh University Streamlines Professional Aviation Program to Help Future Pilots Graduate Faster at a Lower Cost

The Concurrent Bachelor of Science in Professional Aviation 2+2 with Walsh University and American Winds College of Aeronautics Replaces the Stacked 2+2 Program

The highly lauded aviation program that Walsh University launched in February 2022 in partnership with FAA-approved American Winds College of Aeronautics to address the ongoing pilot shortage has been restructured to benefit students interested in a fast-track pilot training program with fewer required flight hours and less out-of-pocket costs.

The concurrent Bachelor of Science in Professional Aviation 2+2 will replace the stacked 2+2 as a seamless process that enables students to register for classes, apply for financial aid and earn a bachelor’s degree from Walsh University while simultaneously building flight hours and earning an associate degree in Aeronautical Science from American Winds College of Aeronautics, an accredited and licensed educational institute based out of the Akron Fulton Airport. Walsh’s Bachelor of Science in Professional Aviation will also enable traditional Walsh students entering directly from high school to pursue their bachelor’s degree in aviation while obtaining their pilot’s license through the American Winds program. 

When students enroll at Walsh, they will register for required courses in their major and at the same time they’ll begin flying with American Winds. They can potentially complete the Private Pilot course within a few months, depending on the weather and the flight hours they are able to complete. Once they achieve Private Pilot status, they can go right into their Instrumental Rating course, which can also be completed in a few more months.

“Our goal is to set them up for success, to have a career in aviation as a professional pilot for the airlines, as a corporate pilot or for many other opportunities,” said Dr. Michael Dunphy, Vice President for Academic Affairs. “A bachelor’s degree in Professional Aviation from Walsh has a blend of psychology courses, business courses, professional development, and aviation courses (from American Winds) that will give our graduates a competitive advantage.”

Walsh intends to work with the airline industry to develop cadet programs, co-ops and other benefits to our aviation graduates. This will help address the growing shortage of commercial pilots.  As a consequence of future strategic partnerships and program excellence, Walsh also plans to scale up the program across the United States.

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