Walsh University Extends its Enrollment Decision Day Deadline to July 10

Walsh University is extending its Enrollment Decision Day deadline from May 1 to July 10 for the incoming Fall 2024 class, reaffirming our commitment to providing families with the necessary time to carefully assess financial aid packages and make well-informed decisions about their educational journey at Walsh.

“We acknowledge the profound impact of the FAFSA delay on students and families’ financial planning,” said Rebecca Coneglio, Vice President for Enrollment Management. “Traditionally, Walsh has provided aid packages by December, empowering students to assess their options. However, with the current delay, extending the process to mid-March, we understand the strain on families. Our commitment is to ease this burden and offer support. Despite challenges, we maintain faith in the value of a Walsh education, ensuring every student receives the guidance necessary for informed decisions about their future.”

By extending the deadline, Walsh aims to provide prospective students with additional time for inquiries, campus visits and connection with the community, all while prioritizing the best interests of each individual student. Prospective students are encouraged to take several steps in the coming weeks, including applying to Walsh University, submitting the FAFSA with Walsh's school code 003135, continuing campus visits, utilizing the Net Price Calculator and reaching out to the Admissions Office with any questions.

Walsh has proactively addressed the challenges posed by the delay, maintaining open communication with students and families to keep them updated on any developments and existing allocations. Moreover, the University has ensured transparency by communicating merit-based scholarship awards upon admission. Furthermore, Walsh is enhancing its engagement efforts across multiple platforms, including email, direct mail, and phone calls, to underscore the value of a Walsh University education.

“While we understand the frustration of not knowing the exact cost of attendance at this time, we are committed to ensuring that our students and families feel supported and informed throughout this process,” Coneglio said. “We are also working with our consultants to stay abreast of industry trends and best practices. The road ahead may still be uncertain, but we are dedicated to supporting our students and families every step of the way.”