Walsh Alumnus Bill Rambo Featured in Canton Repository

The May 3, 2024, edition of the Canton Repository shines a spotlight on Willis "Bill" Rambo, an esteemed alumnus and benefactor of Walsh University. In an article by Amy Knapp, Rambo reflects on his journey from uncertain beginnings to becoming the first registered student at Walsh, as well as his distinguished career. Graduating in 1964, he has remained devoted to his alma mater. Now, returning to deliver the commencement speech for the Class of 2024 and receive an honorary doctorate in business, he embodies the spirit of servant leadership instilled by Walsh's founders, the Brothers of Christian Instruction.

Bill Rambo

'Walsh really changed me.' University's first-ever student returns as commencement speaker

Amy Knapp

Willis "Bill" Rambo wasn't sure what he wanted to do after finishing high school.

The 1960 Central Catholic grad knew one thing: His parents and grandparents insisted he go to college.

"We weren't dirt poor but we didn't have much," Rambo said. "But then Walsh came to town. It was the right opportunity."

He became the first student to apply and be registered 64 years ago at the newly formed Walsh College, which later became Walsh University.

Looking back, Rambo admitted he was too young to know what was cheap or expensive when it came to higher education. He recalled his grandparents helped with tuition so he could be the first from his family to go to college.

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