Walsh University Joins NASA Technology Transfer University Program

Walsh University has joined an elite group of 62 higher education institutions nationwide to become a NASA Technology Transfer University (T2U) through a new relationship with NASA’s Glenn Research Center. This prestigious relationship, spearheaded by Dr. Dan Passerini and Michael Haag of the Offices of Cross Enterprise Initiatives and Technology Transfer, allows Walsh University access to NASA’s cutting-edge technology resources and research, which will be integrated into the University’s curriculum and entrepreneurship initiatives.

As a T2U participating institution, Walsh University will incorporate NASA-developed technologies into classroom settings, offering students hands-on experience with real-world, NASA-proven innovations. This opportunity aims to foster the incubation of new business ideas and concepts among students, enhancing their STEM education and entrepreneurial skills.

“We are thrilled to be joining NASA Technology Transfer University,” said Dr. Jacqueline Novak, Dean of the School of Arts, Sciences, and Education at Walsh University. “This relationship will provide our students with unparalleled access to NASA’s technologies, significantly enriching their academic and practical experiences. It underscores our commitment to advancing STEM education and workforce development.”

The T2U program connects universities with NASA’s vast patent portfolio, enabling students to build case studies and learn about commercialization and licensing opportunities. This initiative not only enhances academic programs but also encourages the creation of startup ventures, providing students with unique opportunities to develop innovative solutions and business plans.

Presentations and feedback from Glenn Research Center’s Technology Transfer office will be made available to Walsh faculty and students, further elevating the University’s already stellar STEM programs. Walsh has been recognized by the National Science Board as a leader in STEM and workforce development, and this relationship with NASA is a testament to the University’s ongoing dedication to excellence in these fields.

The T2U program is designed to be flexible, allowing instructors to integrate NASA-developed technologies into their existing curricula in a way that best suits their teaching styles and students’ needs. The program also includes the T2U Innovation Series, a webinar series launched by NASA Technology Transfer Expansion (T2X) in June 2022, showcasing innovative instructors and best practices for incorporating NASA technologies into educational settings.