Among Walsh University's global excursions, students have the opportunity to embark on  journeys of faith through various spiritual Pilgrimages. One such example is the President's Pilgrimage, during which President Richard and Mrs. Terie Jusseaume lead students through historic and religious sites throughout Italy and France. Sites include the apparition shrine of Our Lady in Lourdes, the Basilica of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, and Vatican City. 

"From the splendor of Notre Dame, to the humility of St. Vincent de Paul, we took it all in. The students walked in awe of all they saw," said President Jusseaume after the 2017 Pilgrimage. "We returned home tired but fulfilled, sad and happy, and certainly motivated to make Walsh an even better place."

(Video courtesy of Walsh University student Mike Bernal.)

Walsh University is dedicated to educating its students to become leaders in service to others, a place where they can selflessly place the needs and interests of others ahead of their own. In the past year students have had many opportunities to gather together and serve the community in many different ways:

Refuge of Hope

Annual Tie Blanket Program: Walsh Students gather together once a year in the advent season to make 60 tie blankets that are then donated to the Refuge of Hope. This annual program pairs with St. Paul’s Parrish RCIA Program who adds the blankets to Christmas gift bags that are then given to the residents of the Refuge of Hope on Christmas morning. Typically, this program consists of an educational talk from leaders and long-term volunteers from the Refuge, the making of the blankets, and then finishes with an hour of adoration in the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Chapel.

Serving Meals: In addition to donating blankets to the Men’s shelter that the Refuge runs, Walsh students join long term volunteers and staff in serving meals to the homeless people that gather at the Refuge. Carry-out lunches are provided 3 days a week and sit-down dinners are offered Monday- Friday. During this experience students are able to feed the many men and women who come to the refuge as well as show them kindness through small interactions.

Matthew 8:20


A clothing and food ministry based out of Little Flower Catholic Parish that caters to the homeless population in downtown Canton. On every 1st and 3 Friday this mission hands out clothes and hygiene products while also providing a hot meal and a small amount of groceries.  During this experience students join other volunteers in socializing and serving the homeless.

Habitat for Humanity

Building Homes: During these service days students are able to help low income and struggling families build a safe and loving home for their families. Each service day volunteers are given different tasks that will help complete the home. One of our students’ favorite experiences has been painting the interior of a home in Canton. In addition to painting the home students were able to meet and work alongside the family who is going to live in the home.

House of Loretto

cm1.jpgA nursing home that is run by the sisters from then Congregation of the Divine Spirit, students are provided with many unique opportunities to help service. Students are able to interact and minister to the residents as well as complete special projects that the sisters simply do not have the time for. One special project that students were able to take part in was redoing the garden within the inner walls of the House of Loretto.

Sancta Clara Monastery

Nun Run: This annual event brings many members of the local community together to participate in a 5K that goes through the Sancta Clara Monastery giving the participants a chance to see the nuns as they pass by. All proceeds from the 5K go to support the lifestyle of the nuns. Students were given the opportunity to cheer the participants on as well as act as Marshalls to monitor the progress and safety of the runners.

Gala: Another annual event that benefits the Sancta Clara Monastery this event offers the opportunity for community members to have dinner, entertainment, silent auction, and a live auction. During this event students were able to help serve the meal, sell raffle tickets, and distribute auction items. A highlight of the event for many students was meeting “the cooking priest” Fr. Leo Patalinghug.

TOR Franciscan Sisters

cm3.jpgA Day in Steubenville: Walsh students were given the opportunity to spend the day with the Franciscan sisters doing a multitude of service projects, mass, and Franciscan University’s Festival of Praise. The day offered students the opportunity to bury holy objects, cut down trees and clear debris from an alley way, wash statues, bake cookies for the homeless, help a young family get caught up on chores, and visit with a man who lost his wife. With mass, the festival or praise, and a vocations talk from the sisters students were also able to dive deeper into their relationship with God.