The  James B. Renacci Forum & Center for Civic Engagement offers students and faculty a place to engage in public affairs and issues that impact our local, national and global communities.


The James B. Renacci Center for Civic Engagement at Walsh University serves the University and greater community by building an educated and engaged citizenry through a multidisciplinary approach to encourage civic participation at the local, state, national and international levels. Guided by the Catholic tradition and charisma of the Brothers Christian Instruction, the Center will connect students, staff and faculty with opportunities that foster engaged scholarship, active servant leaders and informed citizens for the community.

Vision Statement

The vision of the James B. Renacci Center for Civic Engagement is to cultivate civically engaged leaders that are committed to making positive contributions to their communities:

  • Engage: Through the exploration of civic society, both traditional and contemporary models the Center will provide opportunities for students to explore firsthand the exchange of ideas, participate in civic society, and propose solutions for local, state, national and international issues.
  • Applied Research: Faculty will apply an interdisciplinary approach to solving problems that are present in today’s communities.
  • Community Engaged Service: Opportunities for students, staff and faculty to connect and collaborate with university partners, investigating contemporary issues to ensure greater participation in our democracy
  • Global Awareness: Through the Senior Fellows program the Center will create awareness for structures that are a part of civic society, including government providing well-rounded perspective of the international dynamics of government relations and diplomacy

Center Programs

In addition to the programs below, the Renacci Center hosts numerous events throughout the year including community conversations and guest lectures.

  • Voter Engagement Drive - An on-campus effort to encourage Walsh University students, faculty and staff to register to vote and become informed on issues and candidates.
Afilliated Faculty