Restorative Justice 1.0
This 90-minute session focuses on the core principles of restorative justice. This is an ideal session for individuals who are new to restorative justice and would like to learn more about how RJ can assist them in their organization. 

Restorative Justice 2.0
This 90-minute session focuses on restorative dialogue and restorative circle processes. It provides an overview of when these processes are useful, as well as insight into how such processes may benefit organizations. 

Restorative Justice Training
In this six-hour training, attendees gain exposure to the principles and practices of Restorative Justice and restorative processes. In addition, attendees participate in a role play and circle process to demonstrate the use of these processes. NOTE: the workshop can be tailored to participants’ needs related to K-12 environments, higher education, the justice system, or corporations.

Restorative Pedagogy Workshop
In this six-hour workshop, Restorative Pedagogy focuses on teaching strategies that embrace restorative practices, aiding educators in creating a safe, and positive learning environment for students. Participants learn restorative strategies and apply these strategies through a hands-on immersion experience that they will take with them into their school/classroom.