As of today, our intent is to return to campus ready to hold classes as we did in August 2020. We are prepared for any modality for all classes, face-to-face, Hyflex, synchronous or asynchronous online, but our intent is to have as many classes and labs as possible face-to-face in our 8-week terms. We start back to classes on Monday, January 11 and as we do so, we will need to be very mindful of the Seven to Remember. Dr. Dunphy is asking all faculty to make every effort to do any upgrades needed on ECN sites, to start communicating with students via email quickly in January to get them engaged as soon as possible and to continue efforts to keep student retention as high as possible. 

The Walsh Campus will be locked down starting December 22 and will re-open on January 4th.  Dr. Dunphy will need to approve any campus entry by faculty or academic staff during that window of time. He is aware of some needs in sciences with research and equipment management, but otherwise, only mission critical entry should be requested. Routine visits to offices and such should be done prior to December 22 to get any needed resources.