Campus Life

Campus Life activities will return with a continued emphasis on prioritizing the health and wellness of our campus community.  All campus life events will follow our Seven to Remember guidelines and be available in both in-person and virtual formats.  

Campus Life Support Services

Remember that we are here to support you!  CLICK HERE for additional Campus Life support services that are available to you.  

CAV Nation Campus Events Guidelines

  • We will offer opportunities for campus events and programs in both in-person and virtual formats.  In-person campus events will adhere to the health guidelines as outlined by Walsh University.
  • All University-sponsored events are directed to follow our “Seven to Remember”.
  • Build in time to clean the facility after the close of the event. This includes disinfecting seating and tables for the next group to utilize the space.
  • Provide information for participants to be aware of expectations while attending the gathering/event.  

Student Organization Meeting/Program Guidelines

Student clubs and organizations will have the opportunity to meet both in-person and virtually. 

  • Encourage and train student leaders on how to observe health and safety standards. 
  • Work with the Office of Student Activities and the office Campus and Community Programs to determine appropriate space needs for student organization meetings and events. 
  • Hold meetings virtually when appropriate.   

Informal Gatherings

Walsh University is committed to encouraging safe and responsible socializing and engagement both on and off campus. Students are expected to adhere to the COVID-19 safety guidelines as outlined by the university.

  • Students who intentionally place themselves in situations that increases the risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19 will be referred to the Student Conduct & Community Standards office. This includes participating in events that do not adhere to university guidelines.