Campus Life

We remain committed to prioritizing your health and safety while ensuring we can provide an engaging residential and commuter experience. The Student Affairs team will be providing a variety of engagement opportunities – in both in-person and virtual formats.  We are asking for your continued help with adhering to safe practices to protect yourself and all members of CavNation. Taking the necessary steps to reduce the risk and spread of COVID-19 is the shared responsibility of every member of our community. 

Campus Life Support Services
CLICK HERE for additional Campus Life support services that are available to you. 

Cav Nation Event Approval Guidelines

*Campus events must be approved by Walsh University: 

  • Academics Events – Dr. Michael Dunphy, Interim Associate Vice-President for Academic Affairs |
  • Athletics Events – Dale Howard, Vice-President for Athletics/Director of Athletics |
  • Student Life Events – Bryan Badar, Vice-President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students |

External Speaker Approval Guidelines

*Approved external campus events/speakers will be limited and subject to screening approvals. Requests for external speakers/guests must be approved by Walsh University:

  • Academics – Dr. Michael Dunphy, Interim Associate Vice-President for Academic Affairs |
  • Athletics – Dale Howard, Vice-President for Athletics/Director of Athletics |
  • Student Life – Bryan Badar, Vice-President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students |

Visitors should be escorted by a Walsh University student/employee and coordinate all the necessary arrangements for their visit. 

Each visitor will be required to complete an online health assessment form before coming to campus: External Campus Guest/Event Screening Form

CAV Nation Campus Events Guidelines

  • We will offer opportunities for campus events and programs in both in-person and virtual formats. All in-person campus events will adhere to the health and safety guidelines as outlined by Walsh University.
  • Outdoor activities may take place with no limit on attendees; however, physical distancing, face covering and other safety guidelines must be followed.
  • Consider planning events for small numbers of individuals (10 or less).
  • Ensure event set-up accommodates the necessary physical distancing guidelines (six or more) from other individuals.
  • Follow the guidelines of the Walsh University “Seven to Remember”. This includes wearing a face covering.
  • Go paperless wherever possible, eliminating touchpoints such as exchanges of paper tickets, program information, or meeting agendas.
  • Build in time to clean the facility after the close of the event. This includes disinfecting seating and tables for the next group to utilize the space.
  • Provide information for participants to be aware of expectations while attending the gathering/event. 

Student Organization Meeting/Program Guidelines

Student clubs and organizations will have the opportunity to meet both in-person (per established guidelines by Walsh University) and virtually. We are committed to providing opportunities for our students to connect by hosting safe campus events and programs. Student Organization Leaders and

Advisors, in consultation with the Associate Dean of Students and the Director of Student Activities and Leadership, will receive guidance and feedback on creating engagement opportunities that create a sense of community, shared responsibility and adhere to all established safety guidelines. 

  • Hold meetings virtually when appropriate.
  • Encourage and train student leaders on how to observe physical distancing guidelines, encourage face masks to be worn, etc.
  • Develop clear and standard practices for student organizations of different sizes so that student organizations know, in advance, how to manage their meetings.
  • Work with Campus and Community Programs to determine appropriate space needs for student organization meetings and events. 

Informal Gatherings

Walsh University is committed to encouraging safe and responsible socializing and engagement both on and off campus. Students are expected to adhere to the COVID-19 safety guidelines as outlined by the university. Students are encouraged to create “family groups” (10 or less) with people they routinely engage with. If students choose to gather with others, these gatherings should follow the established safety guidelines (10 people or less*, maintaining six-feet of distance, use of face coverings).

  • This expectation prohibits parties, informal gatherings or events at on and off-campus location.
  • Gatherings held by student club/organizations must adhere to all safety guidelines established by Walsh University and the Office of Student Activities.
  • These expectations are specific to non-residential areas as residential students are still expected to abide by the Residence Hall Capacity by Room Type Guidelines for their neighborhood communities.
  • Students who intentionally place themselves in situations that increases the risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19 will be referred to the Student Conduct & Community Standards Office. This includes participating in events that do not adhere to university guidelines.

Campus Fitness Centers

We appreciate your patience as we work to open our Campus Fitness Centers. The David Center, Betzler Tower and Olivieri Towers Fitness Centers will remain closed until we finalize preparations for these space.

The Cecchini Health & Wellness Complex Fitness Center is currently open to all students.

Fitness Center Guidelines

  • Member capacity may not exceed 27 total individuals
  • Masks must be worn, correctly, at all times
  • When you come in you must sanitize your hands, show the student worker your student ID and sign-in
  • Physical distancing must always be maintained unless another person is used for spotting and safety purposes – Max one spotter
  • You must sanitize all equipment and anything else you may touch
  • You must sign-out and re-sanitize your hands before leaving
  • You may not bring any personal items (bags, books, etc.) except for water bottles
  • Shirts with sleeves must be worn at all times

Cecchini Fitness Center Current Capacity Status - CLICK HERE

Due to COVID-19 precautions, the max capacity of the fitness center is lower than usual. Please review the link above for real-time information on space availability.

*Please Note: Cecchini Fitness Center Hours will be changed for the general student population once athletic practices begin. We are working to ensure our other campus fitness centers are opened by this time.

Hours week of Monday 8/24:

  • Monday – Thursday: 4pm-9pm
  • Friday: 4pm-8pm
  • Saturday: 10pm-6pm