Through layered modules, the Data Analytics – Applied Business Solutions credential builds on the introductory concepts of Data Analytics Certificate program and is a deeper exploration of the technology-focused concepts and competencies presented the introductory program. It includes examples and use cases which help to demonstrate how to practically employ the technologies in a business setting to drive workplace efficiencies and solve real-world problems.

Upon completion of this hands-on experience, participants will build on the key data analytics competencies and hone their skills through practical applications of data solutions to real-world situations from their own job sites.

Skills include:

  • Cleaning and manipulating data into usable formats
  • Creating more robust dashboards with a user-friendly interface that can be deployed for enhanced decision making
  • How to identify patterns and trends in data, interpret meaning from graphic presentation of data and learn how to employ data technology to predict outcomes and manage business processes and operations.

The technology-driven components involve understanding how IoT technologies are used to collect real-time data, the use of cloud-based technology to capture and manage data, the use of software like Excel, Power Bi and others to clean data and present results in useful forms and then how to adjust technological systems in light of results from analytics.

The program will also reinforce skills to help participants communicate technical information to peers, management and/or other key stakeholders in a way that fosters collaboration and facilitates the adoption and integration of new data solutions within the workplace.

The knowledge and skills learned in this credential are reinforced and refined to deepen the participants’ understanding of the inter-connected relationship between the concepts. This will give the participants a more robust proficiency in seeing additional applications in different business settings and a deeper sense of confidence to take action. This provides a deeper and broader knowledge of universal principles and fosters skills that are lasting and transferable. The result is a more productive, motivated and versatile employee.