The Data Analytics – Integrated Data Solutions credential builds on the case studies and practical examples of the application of skills studied in the Data Analytics – Applied Business Solution program. The knowledge and skills are reinforced and refined to deepen the participants’ understanding of the interconnected relationship between the concepts related to other departments within the organization.  Participants will gain proficiency in understanding which key metrics are important for each segment of the business. They will further be able to identify how to deliver the right data to the right person in the best format to create and sustain a data driven organization.

Upon completion of this hands-on experience, participants will understand how to integrate data systems company-wide to eliminate redundancies and
streamline efficiencies across multiple departments within their organization.

Skills include:

  • learn how data can be used to manage employee productivity
  • learn the inter-connected relationship between the concepts as they relate to or impact other departments within the organization
  • communicate technical information to peers, management and/or other key stakeholders in a
    way that fosters collaboration and facilitates the adoption and integration of new data solutions
    within the workplace
  • identify how to deliver the right data to the right person in the best format in order to create
    and sustain a data driven organization

The technology-driven components involve an in depth look of how IoT-related technologies and other systems can be used to collect real-time data.  Participants will further learn how the use of cloud-based technologies are integrated to capture and manage the data, and how software applications, such as Excel, Power Bi, etc., clean, analyze, and present the results in useful form for the dissemination to individuals throughout the organization. Participants will also learn how to adjust technological systems because of analytics and results.