Credentials Include:

The Walsh Difference:

  • Recognized by Vice Chairman of the National Science Board as “leading the nation”.
  • STWFP courses are designed and taught by industry professionals with expertise in the field.
  • Programs are customized to each individual business.
  • Not one-size-fits-all, stand-alone courses found in traditional training formats.
TechCred Facts:

  • Employers must apply online for grants during specified dates for an open funding round
  • Each business may apply for $30,000 per funding round
  • Businesses can apply for up to $2,000 per credential per employee in each funding round
  • Businesses of all sizes and for any sector of the economy are eligible
  • Funding expires after 12 months if not used
  • In order to be eligible, employees must be Ohio residents with a verifiable address
  • Full program guidelines

Links and Instructions to help manage your Tech Cred Program:

Customized programs to meet other Tech Cred Credentials are available

For more information about Tech Cred and Walsh University’s nationally recognized Workforce Development Programs contact:; Dr. Dan Passerini – TechCred Manager, or 330-244-4746