Javarius Katcher

Javarius Katcher
Class of 2023
Major: Digital Marketing and Data Analytics

Data analytics career opportunities are on the rise and span a broad variety of industries. Javarius Katcher ‘23, a Digital Marketing and Data Analytics major, is keeping his options open, but may be leaning toward a career as a government contract specialist. What appeals to him most is extracting valuable information from data to help companies improve strategies, predict trends, respond to challenges and increase efficiency. 

“I’m the kind of person who wants to help others. It’s very rewarding to me,” Javarius said. “I like the idea of combing through information for insights that can help companies reach a particular goal. Applying data in a creative sense is something that appeals to me. I like the entire process of it.”  

Javarius came to Walsh University to study marketing and data analytics and has since learned that he has an aptitude for the rapidly changing field. 

“I’m constantly doing research,” he said. “I try to understand what people think about a product or a brand and why they might like or dislike something.” 

In high school, he attended a marketing camp where he was part of a team that created a business, assumed roles within the company, set goals, made sales predictions, gave presentations and more. 

“That hit home for me,” he said. “I realized how much I like to present to people. Marketing allows me to meet and talk to new people and expand my network.” 

Javarius is currently working as an intern at Visit Canton, the Stark County Convention and Visitors’ Bureau, where he is learning about the structure of the organization and how they are connected within the government. He previously worked for Amazon where he went through training with new managers. He took advantage of the opportunity to network.  

“Talking with the managers is what got me interested in data analytics,” he said. “I was very curious as to what they studied in school, how they got their jobs and what they did that gave them the success they have now.”  

After graduation, Javarius plans to attend graduate school.  

“I was considering law school, but I took a business law class at Walsh and loved it. The most interesting part was about contracts. I started looking more into contract law and learned that many companies employ contract specialists to oversee the entire contract process from analyzing proposals to negotiating, executing, and seeing it through fulfillment.” 


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