We understand that every students has a unique perspective and special strengths. We believe your university experience should embrace you as an individual, develop your skills and expand your outlook. At Walsh University, you will find that experience.

In the links below, current Walsh students and recent alumni share how they found these things and more at Walsh.

Student Spotlights

Photo of Amelia Reynolds

Amelia Reynolds

Class of 2024
Major: Elementary P–5 Education

Amelia's Story
Photo of Chloe Abalaka

Chloe Abalaka

Class of 2024
Major: Criminal Justice and Psychology, Community and Clinical

Chloe's Story
Photo of Marquette Fikes

Marquette Fikes

Class of 2025
Major: Accounting

Marquette's Story
Photo of Ethan Frost

Ethan Frost

Class of 2024
Major: Pre-Medicine/Biology
Minor: Medical Humanities

Ethan's Story
Photo of Vince Armao

Vince Armao

Class of 2024
Major: Exercise Science Professional Track

Vince's Story
Photo of Style Henry

Style Henry

Class of 2024
Major: Master of Business Administration, Management

Style's Story
Photo of Carson Bernard

Carson Bernard

Class of 2027
Major: Education, AYA Integrated Social Studies

Carson's Story
Photo of Isabel Gill

Isabel Gill

Class of 2024
Major: Elementary P–5 Education

Isabel's Story
Photo of Gloria Tindana

Gloria Tindana

Class of 2026
Major: Nursing

Gloria's Story
Photo of Shareen Awadallah

Shareen Awadallah

Class of 2026
Major: Nursing

Shareen's Story
Photo of Shantala Uzcategui

Shantala Uzcategui

Class of 2025
Major: Exercise Science

Shantala's Story
Photo of Miklos Hendricks

Miklos Hendricks

Class of 2024
Major: Graphic Design

Miklos' Story
Photo of David Dzurilla

David Dzurilla

Class of 2023
Major: Graphic Design and Communications
Minor: Marketing

David's Story
Photo of Mackenzie Moss

Mackenzie Moss

Class of 2023
Major: Biology, Pre-Med 
Minor: Excercise Science

Mackenzie's Story
Photo of Dustin Kreiner

Dustin Kreiner

Class of 2023
Major: Biology, Pre-Med 

Dustin's Story
Photo of Javarius Katcher

Javarius Katcher

Class of 2023
Major: Digital Marketing and Data Analytics

Javarius's Story
Photo of Leah DiMichele

Leah DiMichele

Class of 2024
Major: Professional Writing
Minor: Psychology and Communications

Leah's Story
Photo of Hannah Petersen

Hannah Petersen

Class of 2024
Major: Legal Studies and Government and Foreign Affairs

Hannah's Story
Photo of Isaiah Jackson

Isaiah Jackson 

Class of 2023
Major: Nursing

Isaiah's Story
Photo of Shruti Gupta

Shruti Gupta

Class of 2023
Majors: Computer Science Programming and Mathematics

Shruti's Story
Photo of Gannon Fridley

Gannon Fridley

Class of 2023
Major: Accounting
Minors: Data Analytics and Forensic Science

Gannon's Story
Photo of Sha Carter

Sha Carter

Class of 2022
Major: Psychology & Criminology
Minor: Forensic Science and Government & Foreign Affairs

Sha's Story
Photo of Teo Vichinheski Nenes

Teo Vichinheski Nenes

Class of 2025
Major: Psychology & Sociology

Teo's Story
Photo of Kayla Hines

Kayla Hines

Class of 2023
Major: Psychology, Pre-Physical Therapy

Kayla's Story
Photo of Haili Kendall

Haili Kendall

Class of 2023
Major: Criminal Justice and Museum Studies

Haili's Story
Photo of Alexander Oswald

Alexander Oswald

Class of 2024
Major: Bioinformatics

Alexander's Story
Photo of Darryl Straughter

Darryl Straughter

Class of 2022
Major: Exercise Science
Minor: Communications

Darryl's Story
Photo of Madeline Weisburn

Madeline Weisburn

Class of 2023
Major: Marketing

Madeline's Story
Photo of Brooke Morgan

Brooke Morgan

Class of 2017
Major: Corporate Communication and Graphic Design

Brooke's Story
Photo of Gavin Campbell

Gavin Campbell

Class of 2022
Major: Government and Foreign Affairs

Gavin's Story
Photo of the Black Student Union Officers

BSU Student Officers

The Black Student Union:
On a Mission Driven by Love

BSU's Story
Photo of Blaise Rudmann

Blaise Rudmann

Class of 2022
Major: Psychology, Pre-Occupational Therapy

Blaise's Story
Photo of Cassandra Barone

Cassandra Barone

Class of 2020
Major: Bachelor of Science in Biology
Minor: Chemistry, Sociology and History

Cassandra's Story
Photo of Elizabeth Glander

Elizabeth Glander

Class of 2022
Major: Museum Studies
Minor: Art History, Chemistry and Art

Elizabeth's Story
Photo of Selena Mari Lucas (Higa)

Selena Mari Lucas (Higa)

Class of 2021
Major: Sociology - Applied Family Studies; Psychology - Community Clinical

Selena's Story
Photo of Kayla Rance

Kayla Rance

Class of 2022
Major: Nursing

Kayla's Story
Photo of Madigan Malin

Madigan Malin

Class of 2021
Major: Computer Science, Pre-Engineering

Madigan's Story
Photo of Ellie Smith

Ellie Smith

Major: Criminal Justice and Psychology
Minor: Forensics

Ellie's Story
Photo of Thomas Wilks

Thomas Wilks

Class of 2022
Major: Marketing

Thomas' Story
Photo of Morgan Rowan

Morgan Rowan

Class of 2021
Major: Psychology-Clinical and Community Track

Morgan's Story
Photo of Chris Villarreal

Chris Villarreal

Class of 2022
Major: Exercise Science Pre-OT

Chris's Story
Photo of Roja Baruwal

Roja Baruwal

Class of 2023
Major: Biochemistry

Roja's Story