Kayla Rance

Photo of Kayla Rance
Class of 2022
Major: Nursing

Now, more than ever, the world needs compassionate healthcare providers. For Walsh junior Kayla Rance, the choice to become a nurse has not been deterred by a world pandemic. “I chose nursing for many reasons. But, mostly because of the opportunity to serve others and be a light in times of darkness,” said Rance. “Walsh is special in that its faculty and staff unapologetically advocate for student success. I have never had such close relationships with my teachers in the past, but at Walsh I feel as though I could turn to any one of my professors for help and guidance. There is an atmosphere of support and encouragement on campus for which I am thankful.” 

As a nurse, Rance hopes to use her degree in the ER or within pediatrics. She credits her mentors and professors for the support she has received for future aspirations that include serving as a traveling nurse or creating her own faith-based nursing non-profit organization. 

“I have always had an interest in travel nursing and would love to be able to spend a few years moving between states, or even countries, to practice nursing,” said Rance. “I have dreams of starting my own non-profit, but if that never comes to fruition, I hope to be involved in an organization that focuses on sharing the love of Jesus while providing nursing care to those in third-world countries.” 

Her interest in travel has been cultivated through her experiences as a Blouin Global Scholar studying the cohort theme of water access and purity. Hailing from Greenwood, Indiana, Rance was able to travel internationally to Tanzania in 2018, where the group visited various well sites, natural springs and water sources and met with members of the community to learn issues of accessibility and cleanliness. 

“Traveling to Tanzania was one of the most eye-opening experiences I have had thus far in life,” said Rance. “In a place where most had so little, there was overflowing joy from the people, the culture, and the landscape. Although there was sometimes a language barrier, or cultural differences, I realized how much we have in common.” 

An active member of campus, Rance feels her education extends beyond the classroom. As a midfielder for the women’s soccer team, Rance and her teammates faced unexpected loss and adversity. She credits these experiences for teaching her the value of friendship, sacrifice and helping her to grow as a leader. The team suffered an emotional loss with the unexpected death of fellow teammate and Walsh graduate, Taylor Ceepo ’19, during the May 2019 Cleveland Marathon. Ceepo was only 22. The close-knit team went on to win the G-MAC conference championship that fall, November 2019. 

“Together, we mourned the loss of a teammate and together we became GMAC champions,” said Rance. “I feel blessed to be a part of a program so focused on serving others and loving well.” 

Rance’s call to serve extends to her fellow classmates as an ambassador furthering Walsh’s welcoming atmosphere of support to all students. Last year, she volunteered to be a member of the Cavs Crew with the hope to help incoming freshmen feel at home and comfortable during their first days on campus. The Cavs Crew are student volunteers who are on hand to help freshmen during move-in weekend on campus. 

“I remember my own experiences as a freshman, and the anxiety that came with the new beginning. I would love to be a role model for members in the upcoming class in the same way that upperclassmen served as role models for me,” said Rance. “God led me to Walsh, and I am so thankful for all of the opportunities I have had thus far. My experiences have taught me the power that lies within diversity and the role that unity plays in change. All change is local, and each of us plays an important role in creating change within our communities. Walsh has provided me an avenue to do just that.”