Michael Sproull

Photo of Michael Sproull
Class of 2023
Major: Accounting
Minor: Data Analytics

Walsh University’s Catholic identity and liberal arts curriculum are what drew Michael Sproull to enroll, but as a student he has found so much more. “Almost every university offers an accounting degree, but very few are authentically Catholic. When I visited, immediately I was welcomed by students and faculty,” he said. “It felt like home. It was a magical feeling of belonging.”

Now, Michael has the privilege of sharing that feeling with incoming Walsh students as a tour guide and a Maroon and Gold Mentor. He also found ways to further explore his faith as a sacristan with the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Chapel.

In terms of academics, Michael is thriving as a scholar of the “language of business.” In the summer of 2021, he interned for the Auditor of the State of Ohio, thanks in part to networking opportunities with Walsh alumni.

“During this experience, I was able to participate in state audits for townships, villages, police stations, and fire departments, among others,” he said. “I learned firsthand about the importance of integrity in government, and how important accounting is in running an accountable administration.”

Michael even has an internship for summer 2022 lined up, this time with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, where hopes to pursue a career as a tax accountant after graduation.

“The Walsh Alumni network has really helped by providing me with contacts in similar fields and firms,” he explained. “The skills training that has come from participation in class and in campus organizations has proven invaluable in my jobs.”

Michael is also gaining professional experience on through his role with The Garage: Nolan Family Center for Innovation.

“This is one of my favorite positions. I get to work with a multitude of different people and provide the recourses they need to succeed. The feeling of seeing a successful business that you helped is a huge driving factor for me,” he said.

However, Michael does manage to squeeze in some lighter activities in addition to his professional pursuits. He participates in numerous campus clubs and organizations including the Walsh University Band, Ultimate Frisbee Team, Trek Club, and Dead Philosopher’s Society, just to name a few. Michael even puts his high-energy, extroverted personality to use as the Walsh mascot, Sir Walter.

“It has been a great experience so far due to the variety of responses I receive as mascot. When people see Sir Walter, they externalize their internal feelings of the University,” he said. “My favorite memory was during the 2021 Pro Football Hall of Fame parade. It was when a little girl, no more than 8 years old, ran up and gave me a hug. She did not see a sweaty teenager in a suit, but a loveable mascot of the college her parents, notable alumni, went to. I am nervous every time I put on the suit because I must live up to the reputation of Walsh. It is both exciting and daunting.”