Style Henry

photo of Style Henry
Class of 2024
Major: Master of Business Administration, Management

Transitioning to Walsh University as both an out-of-state and transfer student, Style Henry initially grappled with feelings of isolation. However, her participation on the women’s track and field team became a beacon of hope, guiding her toward a network of supportive teammates and fostering connections across campus.

Through this, Style found her footing and embraced an active role in campus life. Surrounded by individuals who valued academic excellence and personal growth, Style found solace in Walsh's commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals.

“When I first arrived at Walsh, I was a shy and timid young adult, but through the education and experiences I’ve gained during my time as an undergraduate and now graduate student, I now stand confidently in my abilities,” Style said. “My education and professional development are of an extremely high standard.”

Beyond academics, Walsh has been a catalyst for Style's personal and professional development, instilling in her valuable life lessons and resilience. Embracing Walsh's core values of faith, excellence, integrity, service, and community, Style has not only flourished academically but also emerged as a compassionate and empathetic individual, poised to make a positive impact in the world.

“I’ve truly grown in alignment with Walsh’s core values, and I’m ready to serve others and contribute positively to the community around me.”

Heavily involved in campus life, Style serves as the student advisor for the Black Student Union, a graduate assistant and a coach. Her dedication to service and community underscores Walsh's ethos of fostering leadership and empathy among its students.

“My journey at Walsh has been marked by unwavering support from faculty and staff who go above and beyond to assist students. Their dedication has not only motivated me to work harder but also reinforced my belief in the institution's commitment to student success.”

Currently pursuing a Master of Business Management, Management, after completing her Bachelor's in Exercise Science, Style's journey reflects her pursuit of diverse opportunities and alignment with her long-term goals. Her transition from a nursing major to exercise science and ultimately business management exemplifies her resilience and willingness to adapt to pursue her passions.

“I’ve always been fascinated by fitness, and it's a subject I genuinely enjoy learning about. However, landing a full-time position that aligns with my business degree not only validates my academic pursuits but will also kickstart my career post-graduation.”

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