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Faculty & Staff Directory

Walsh University boasts a diverse, knowledgeable faculty and staff to assist students, colleagues, alumni and the community. Use the Directory to contact members of the Walsh Community.

Faculty websites are also available to help you get to know our professional instructors and professors. Click on a faculty member's website link next to their name in the Directory to learn more.

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Name/TitleDepartmentOffice HrsBuildingPhone
Baylor, Lisa
Assistant Professor of Education
Division of EducationHC330.490.7164
Brobeck, David
Associate Professor of Graduate Education
Division of Education330.490.7385
Davis, Audrey
Administrative Assistant, Division of Education
Division of Education330.490.7419
Defazio, Jeannie
Chair, Division of Education, Professor of Education; Co- Director, Christ the Servant Teaching Corps
Division of Education330.490.7332
Ek, Aimee
Licensure Coordinator
Division of Education330.244.4928
Green, Jennifer
Assistant Professor of Education
Division of Education330.490.7427
Harold, Cinda
Professional Associate Professor, Generalist
Division of Education330.244.4699
Horrisberger, Matt
Accreditation and Assessment Analyst
Division of Education330.490.7432
Jacobs, Gary
Professor, Intervention Specialist Education, CAEP Coordinator, LEAD Program Advisor, ECE, ECIS, & ISE
Division of EducationHC330.490.7336
Johnson-Whitt, Eugenia
Assistant Professor of Education
Division of Education330.490.7357
Lenarz, Michelle
Professor, Middle Childhood and Reading Education
Division of EducationHC330.490.7328
Long, Carrilyn
Field and Clinical Placements Coordinator and Director of Multicultural Affairs
Division of Education330.490.7421 or 330.490.7342
Marko, Betty
Professional Associate Professor, Intervention Specialist
Division of EducationHC330.244.4730
Mumford, Jacqueline
Professor of Education
Division of EducationHC330.490.7376
Rudd, Lynn
Assistant Professor
Division of EducationHC330.490.7502
Sandbrink, Carol
Special Faculty Status; Coordinator, Kisubi MAED Program
Division of Education330.490.7090
Smith, Connie
Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education
Division of EducationHC330.490.7212
Warnke, Jeffery
Assistant Professor of Graduate Education
Division of EducationHC330.490.7216