The Student Conduct office maintains all student conduct files (paper and electronic formats) for matters involving code of conduct violations. Files are maintained separate from academic transcripts, but are considered educational records subject to the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and University policy. A student requesting to view his or her conduct file should contact the Student Conduct office to schedule an appointment. Federal law requires that the requested file be reviewed and information on any other student be redacted. The requesting student will be permitted to view his or her prepared file, but will not be allowed to copy, take pictures, or otherwise record the documents. Students requesting the release of conduct record information to any third party must complete a release form through the Student Conduct office. Due to federally mandated FERPA law, Student Conduct is not permitted to share information about a student's conduct record without the student's permission.

Record Retention

  1. Student Conduct files will be maintained for a period of no less than ten years following the most recent finding of a violation. Students may request their contact file to be retained beyond the ten-year period by submitted a request to the Chief Conduct Officer.
  2. Student Conduct files of students who have been dismissed from the University will be kept indefinitely.
  3. The University will retain, as necessary, appropriate statistical information related to policy violations in order to comply with legislative reporting requirements.