Brauchler Hall (1999) · Meier Hall (2000) · Stein Hall (2002)

The University Apartments offer apartment-style living for five students. Each apartment contains three single bedrooms, one double bedroom, and two full bathrooms. University Apartment bedrooms have a standard full mattress (standard twin mattress for double bedrooms), and come equipped with a 4-drawer dresser and desk. Each apartment also offers a living room, laundry room, and fully equipped kitchen with refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, and microwave. Eligibility to live in the University Apartments is based upon completed credit hours, number of semesters on campus and GPA. Residents must demonstrate the necessary maturity and responsibility to be eligible to live in this environment.

University Apartments were made possible by the gifts of William F. Brauchler Jr., William C. & Jennifer Meier, and Don and Mildred Stein.

Quick Facts

  • Each resident is provided with a key to the apartment and a separate key for his/her bedroom.
  • Offers 1,200 square-foot living space
  • Air-conditioned suites
  • Each room comes equipped with high-speed internet access (including wireless access). Vacuum provided in every apartment
  • Choice of limited or full meal plan