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Walsh United

One University in All We Do

Developed as a channel to bridge and unite our Walsh community through a common desire to embrace our unique lived experiences and enhance our campus culture, Walsh United was launched in January 2021 as a movement intended to inform, educate, and collaborate in areas of faith, diversity, leadership and community. Walsh United provides opportunities for individuals to work together and learn from one another.

Walsh United is comprised of five pillars that reflect areas of growth for the Walsh community: Catholic Beliefs & Practices, Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership Training & Professional Development, Community Engagement, and Health & Wellness. While each pillar will have its own committee with pillar leaders to ensure progress is being made, the entire campus community will be invited to participate in the related activities.

Volunteers Welcome

The success of Walsh United depends on the involvement of the Walsh Community. Opportunities are available to participate in the pillar committees in a variety of capacities. Please email Walsh United ( if you are interested in serving on a pillar committee, more information is below.

Walsh United Co-Chairs

Any questions about Walsh United? Email

Cultural Humility is the foundation for Walsh United.

Cultural Humility Wheel displaying the five values: Be Humble, Become Self-Aware, Understand We All Have Unique World Views, Learn What is Most Important to Others and Lead, Model and Advocate for Equity

Training opportunities for all staff, coming soon!

5 Pillars of Walsh United

Catholic Beliefs & Practices

Pillar leaders: Dr. Chris Seeman & Fr. Albert Trudel, O.P.

This pillar aims to answer the question “Who are we as Walsh University, a Catholic university?” The goal is to provide a base level of understanding of Walsh’s Catholic foundation and what it says we profess to be as an institution.

Diversity & Inclusion

Pillar leaders: Megan Huston & Meredith Soduk

This pillar aims to embrace the differences we all celebrate across the Walsh University community. The goal of the Diversity & Inclusion pillar is to promote a campus environment that welcomes and supports all its members, treating everyone with grace, dignity and equity.

More info on Diversity & Inclusion (YouTube)

Leadership Training & Professional Development

Pillar leaders: Dr. Ute Lahaie & Jennifer Loudiana

Mission: The Leadership Training & Professional Development pillar aims to cultivate leadership skills among the entire Walsh community. Additionally, this pillar seeks intentional ways to provide professional development opportunities to Walsh University students, faculty, and staff, further enhancing their leadership capabilities.

Community Engagement

Pillar leaders: Mike Cinson & Dr. Nick Morris

This pillar focuses on how the Walsh University community can lend its expertise and skills to the community at large. As the name suggests, the goal of the Community Engagement pillar is to engage with individuals outside of Walsh’s campus and position Walsh as a resource for the area.

Health & Wellness

Pillar leaders: Francie Morrow, Kati Beane & Melanie Timco

Health and Wellness is a multi-faceted focus within Walsh University and Walsh United. This pillar brings resources to Walsh University faculty, staff and students to improve areas of health and wellness including but not limited to intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual and social well-being. The main goal of this pillar is to promote health and wellness within the University community.

Walsh United Pillar Volunteers

If you are interested in serving on one of the 5 Walsh United Pillars, please contact the pillar leaders or co-chairs listed above. You can also email or contact Jami Swain directly (Director of HR & Culture).

Walsh United Event Request

Do you have an event that you’d like Walsh United’s involvement and support? Please fill out the form below and you will hear from Walsh United within 5 business days.