February 4, 2022

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January 6, 2022

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September 8, 2021

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August 6, 2021

August 6, 2021
Dear CAV Nation, 

We are excited to begin a new academic year at Walsh University! Our highest priority is to provide an engaging academic and student life experience while continuing to be ever mindful of the health and wellness of our campus community.

We will continue to monitor and assess the guidance provided by the federal, state and local health authorities. As conditions involving the pandemic change, we are fully prepared to adjust our response plans to any new circumstances that may arise. Visit Campus Updates to review new information and updates as they become available. In addition, we will continue to track active cases on campus through our COVID-19 Condition and Case Dashboard.

Please review and familiarize yourself with our Fall Return to Campus Guidelines & Protocols:


Walsh University is not requiring a COVID vaccination for either registration or employment. We anticipate a government request for the percentage of our campus populations who have been vaccinated. In order to have this on file, we are asking members of CAV Nation who have been fully vaccinated to let us know via this short and voluntary online form. Please complete this form so that we can plan for the year ahead and have our data available for tracking purposes.

May 20, 2021

Dear CAV Nation, 

After consulting with state and local health officials, Walsh University is adopting the updated CDC guidelines campus-wide effective immediately.   

Fully vaccinated individuals are no longer required to wear a mask, physically distance, or quarantine.   

We strongly encourage CAV Nation to continue to practice good judgement. Mask up:
  • If you are not fully vaccinated
  • If you have been vaccinated but would feel more comfortable wearing a mask
  • Out of courtesy for someone else’s comfort
Please continue to wash your hands frequently, self-monitor, and stay home if you are sick.
Student-athletes will receive specific guidance regarding NCAA COVID safety protocols at a later time. Please continue to monitor your emails for communications regarding NCAA safety guidance and the Walsh University protocols.
We encourage CAV Nation to seek guidance from your healthcare provider and, if you are able, consider getting vaccinated over the summer so that we can return to a more safe, active, and in-person campus environment in the fall.  We will continue to track and monitor COVID cases on campus and will adjust our safety protocols as needed for campus safety.

Let Us Know You’ve Been Vaccinated!

Walsh University is not requiring a COVID vaccination for either registration or employment. We anticipate a government request for the percentage of our campus populations who have been vaccinated. In order to have this on file, we are asking members of CAV Nation who have been fully vaccinated to let us know via this short and voluntary online form. Please complete this form so that we can plan for the year ahead and have our data available for tracking purposes.


February 3, 2021

Campus Reactivation Phases

As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, Walsh University remains steadfast in the pursuit of our mission.  We will continue to monitor the impact of the virus within our campus and local community and deploy mitigation strategies to support the health of our community.  As we enter into these next few weeks and months, we will continue to evaluate campus operations and our ability to carefully and strategically increase activity on campus.  This will occur in phases and be based upon careful evaluation of data and public health guidance.  We are mindful of the need to be flexible with our phased approach as the impact of the virus on our community may allow us to move forward with easing guidelines or require us to reemploy them. 


As we support and cheer on our Walsh Cavaliers, athletic events now welcome spectators!  At this time, spectators are limited to Cav Nation and Cav Nation eligible guests.  Limited seating is available and capacity guidelines are implemented per the recommendations of the Stark County Health Department.  Registration is required, so continue to watch for email invitations.  Swords up!  We hope to see you there!

Residence Life

We recognize that guests and visitation are an integral aspect of our residential life experience.  We have been evaluating our ability to progress to the next phase of reopening while maintaining the safety and health of our resident students. Our ability to progress to the next phase or need to revert to a previous phase continues to rely heavily on the community health landscape as well as our resident students following our residence hall COVID-19 guidelines.

With consideration of the health and safety of our community and to support a responsible reopening of the residence halls, beginning Monday, February 8th residential students will be permitted to visit with other residential students across our housing facilities between the hours of 8:00am and 8:30pm. All guests must be registered via an online form that will be provided by Residence Life. Non-residential and non-Walsh guests continue to be restricted during this time.  For more information, please contact the Director of Residence Life, Bianca Hicks at bhicks@walsh.edu.  

We ask for all of Cav Nation to continue prioritizing the health and wellness of our campus community by following our Seven to Remember.  Additional information about our Campus Reactivation Phases will be shared in the near future. 


January 5, 2021 Update

Cav Nation 

I hope this quick update finds you well. 

Our international and out-of-state students are in quarantine right now in anticipation of their return shortly … we thank you all for taking these steps to protect each other! 

Your university will continue to fight the spread of COVID, educate students, and build community. 

As we begin 2021 and prepare for classes to resume next week, I want to offer you my thoughts for the continuing face-to-face education while fighting COVID. 

I think we learned two things from Fall 1/Fall 2: the tools for disease suppression work and we must rebuild human connections. 

Small colleges and universities successfully contained COVID and avoided the large outbreaks experienced at large schools in large measure because each of you did your part … and we are all so thankful. 

Really … you modeled how to maintain an orientation on the public good … we must hold onto that even in times of stress!

The major tools we have are our “Seven to Remember” … they work! 

Another tool that is having good results is wide-spread voluntary testing. 

Governor DeWine has asked all colleges and universities to begin “Active Surveillance Testing” at a rate of no fewer than 3% of the residential population per week. 

As you know, we have sought to follow federal, state, and local guidance where it made sense … and we think this request for voluntary testing is reasonable and are working on our protocols. 

Rebuilding human connections is also urgently important to all of us. 

We are working on configuration adjustments to the classrooms (which has proven to be the safest space in North Canton!) that can keep everyone safe and reduce the potential for quarantine for all. 

We are also looking at the Residence Halls and after the two-week settling-in period we will evaluate making adjustments to allow movement between the Halls/Neighborhoods … we know that if the residents can maintain the same discipline with “Seven to Remember” exhibited elsewhere on campus then we should expect the same in the Residence Halls and that can help to make this happen. 

For our first two weeks on campus, we’ll have an adjustment period as we did in August … encouraging small pods, remain on campus to the maximum extent, and so forth. 

The week of January 25th we will evaluate some adjustments with the tools to fight the spread while rebuilding our human connections. 

Of course, throughout the Spring terms we will closely monitor the data and overall condition level on campus and make safety adjustments as needed as has been our practice. 

I look forward to seeing everyone back on campus, in the classrooms, online, in the Residence Halls, and elsewhere … and I thank you for your tenacity and determination to not let COVID derail your education! 

Hurry back … let’s get going again! 

Our Lady of Perpetual Help … we pray for our safe return and the health and well- being of our community.