The Office of Commuter Student Services believes it is vital to develop a sense of connectedness and community for commuter students. With this goal in mind, the Office of Commuter Student Services strives to enhance the quality of the educational experience of commuter students, as well as to increase awareness within the University community of and to advocate for commuter students' needs.

To reach this goal, the Office utilizes social programming, educational workshops, and dynamic outreach programs to meet commuter students' needs for social interaction and for personal, intellectual, leadership, and life skill development.

Commuter Student Incentive Program

Attend Commuter-Approved University events for "stamps" and earn a free gas card! Attend 15 commuter-approved events and earn a $15 gas card. For a breakdown of all the events that qualify as a part of the program, or to pick up a Commuter Incentive Card, visit the Office of Commuter Services located in the Game Room of the David Center.

Coffee Break Series

Come hang out, enjoy free coffee, learn about University services, and connect with your fellow students! Coffee Break is a bi-weekly event held on Thursdays in the David Center Atrium from 1:00 p.m.–2:30 p.m.

Pit Stop Monday Series

The Pit Stop series features one of the many University Offices and allows students the chance to get to know that office while also talking with fellow commuter students and enjoying free lunch! Pit Stop Mondays is a monthly event held on Mondays in various locations across campus from 11:30 a.m.–1:00 p.m.

The Road Trip

Commuter Services sends out a bi-weekly newsletter on Thursdays known as "The Road Trip." This newsletter provides Commuter students with fun and helpful information about life as a commuter, what is happening on campus and also information about the area around Walsh.

Snowbird Program

The Snowbird Program is designed to allow commuter students to stay on campus overnight in case of inclement driving conditions or even late nights spent on campus, if there are rooms available.

Contact the Dean of Students or the switchboard in the David Campus Center at 330.490.7090. You will be provided bed linens, a towel, and washcloth.

During the winter months, you may want to keep items in your car that will help you if you are unable to drive home because of bad weather, or for other reasons. For example, cell phone and charger, change of clothes, toiletries, towel, washcloth, first aid kit, food that can be kept in the car, blankets, pillows and extra money.