Are there places on campus where commuter students can sit and study or just wait until their next class begins?

Yes, there are several lounges on campus (for example, in the David Center, the Barrette Center, and Betzler Hall) where students can hang out, relax, and study. Other spots for relaxing, studying, and hanging out include the library and the Grille in the Barrette Center.

Are there meal plans offered for commuter students?

Yes, commuter students can purchase meal plans. Walsh University offers a commuter student meal plan to accommodate commuters who are on campus during meal times. To purchase this meal plan, stop by the Student Service Center in Farrell Hall to pay for the meal plan. You will then be directed to the Dining Services Office (in the David Campus Center) to activate your ID card. The hours and menus for all on-campus dining options can be found through Dining Services.

Smart Commuter Tip: If you only plan to eat breakfast on campus, it will be less expensive to pay cash at the door. If you will only eat lunch on campus, the cost is the same as it would be to purchase the commuter student meal plan; however, it is more convenient and you will not have to worry about finding cash to eat. If you plan to eat a combination of lunch and dinner, you will save up to $40 by purchasing the student meal plan instead of paying cash at the door!

If a student locks their keys in their car or needs to have a battery jumped, will the University help them?

Campus police officers assist commuter students in need! If you have car problems, including lockouts, a dead battery, or an accident on campus, contact Campus Police at 330-490-7474.

How can commuter students find out what clubs and activities exist on campus?

There are clubs and organizations for just about every area of interest, including music, drama, art, the environment, service, as well as intramurals. At the beginning of the fall semester, an activities fair is held where interested students can meet with student members/representatives of clubs and organizations. Students should also regularly read their Walsh email, since this is the primary method for informing the Walsh community of events, club meetings and activities, academic deadlines, as well as other important information. Commuter students also receive the Commuter newsletter called "The Road Trip." This is sent out bi-weekly on Thursdays and it will list upcoming events happening on campus.

How do commuter students register for classes?

All undergraduate students register online through the Cavalier Center, an online university information management system. Each semester, an email is sent out alerting students that the next semester's class schedule has been posted. After meeting with their advisor, each student is given authorization and an appointment time to register for the next semester's classes. For more information, please contact the Student Service Center. 

How can commuter students check their grades?

Students can check their grades in the Cavalier Center.

Where can students go if they are struggling in a class and want help?

The Academic Support Center provides tutoring and academic support to students. Students should also talk with the professors of the classes in which they are struggling. The earlier students seek help, the better.

Where can my son or daughter go if they have questions about their program?

Students can seek information about their program from their academic advisor, from professors in the program, and from the division chair. The academic advisor is usually the best choice, and establishing a good relationship with the academic advisor will help ensure that the student stays on track for completing the degree in a timely fashion.

Is my son/daughter able to use their computer on campus and have internet access on it also?

Yes, students can access the University's network (including email and the Internet) in several locations across campus, including the library, the Barrette Center, and common areas of the David Center. For more information consult the Student Handbook or contact Information Systems at 330-244-4357.

If your son/daughter does not have a laptop, there are numerous computer labs on campus that he/she can use to access the Internet and email, to write papers, and to print.

How do commuter students find out about class cancellations?

It is important to remember that the University only closes for extreme conditions and circumstances. Walsh University usually remains open when area high schools and elementary schools close, as our population is comprised of adults, with a substantial portion residing on campus. In the event of inclement weather and the university remains open, commuter students are requested to use their own judgment as to the safety of the highways in their specific area. When, on the rare occasion, the university is forced to cancel all classes or close, every attempt is made to announce the decision by 6:00 a.m. for day classes and events and 3:30 p.m. for evening classes and events.

When on the rare occasion the university is forced to cancel all classes or close, every attempt is made to announce the decision by 6:00 a.m. for day classes and events and 3:30 p.m. for evening classes and events. Details are available from the University Closing Information Line 330-490-7005. If a student's contact information is up to date he/she should receive a text message indicating that classes are canceled. Students also receive an e-mail on their Walsh account if classes are canceled. In addition, Walsh University contacts common radio and television outlets to broadcast their closing.

How do I know if my student is eligible for financial aid?

The Walsh University Office of Financial Aid is available to help you navigate the financial aid maze. One of the most important first steps is to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Aid) and have the results sent to Walsh. For more information, please visit the Financial Aid Office.

What kind of first-year transition program is there to help commuter students adjust?

Freshmen take the GE 100 course, which is also known as the First Year Institute. Its goal is to help first year students get acclimated to college life, learn important study and critical thinking skills, and develop healthy relationships.

If my child becomes ill is there a nurse or doctor on staff to help them? Are there people on campus who can help my child if he/she has a crisis or breakdown?

Health Services is located in the Cecchini Health and Wellness Center, which is in the Physical Education Building, and offers services from both a physician and a nurse. The University Health Services provides health services to all full-time students during an illness or injury, and promotes health and wellness for everyone. Physician care is available on campus at designated times, with emergency treatment available at Aultman Hospital and Mercy Medical Center and their immediate care facilities.

Counseling Services at Walsh University are multifaceted and include personal, academic, and vocational counseling. The primary function of these services is to provide brief counseling, testing, and referral services. Staffed by Licensed Professional Counselors, counseling interns, and graduate practicum students, the Counseling Service is free to all students.

The office provides a confidential place to discuss concerns when difficult situations arise, when problems seem overwhelming or options appear limited. Focusing on helping students explore solutions, counseling typically lasts between four and eight sessions. Groups centered on a variety of topics are also available.If necessary, appropriate referrals are made to outside health care professionals.

Is there a service available to walk my child to their car if they have a late class?

Campus Police provide escort services to ensure safety and can be reached at 330-490-7474.

What kind of student health program is available for commuter students?

All students have access to the Student Health Services office, located in the Cecchini Health and Wellness Center in the PE Building.

Also there are fitness centers located in the Cecchini Health and Wellness Center and in the lower level of the David Center. In the fitness centers, you will find many types of aerobic exercise equipment, including bicycles, stair steppers, elliptical machines, and treadmills, as well as weights. The hours vary by location.

The University offers a student health insurance program, and undergraduate students must provide proof of alternate insurance and are automatically enrolled if certain conditions are not met.

What kind of services does the university offer to help students find a job or internship?

The Career Center not only helps students find jobs and internships, but helps them develop the skills and tools necessary for achieving career goals. The Career Center assists students with creating resumes and cover letters, developing interviewing skills, and more. The Walsh Career Network is an online database that lists jobs and internship opportunities.

Does the university have on-campus jobs or work-study programs?

Yes, on-campus jobs and work-study programs are available at Walsh. Information about available work-study jobs is available in the Student Service Center in Farrell Hall as well as on the MyWalsh student portal.