Corporate Communication Concentration

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Corporate Communication involves the daily communication activities of a business in today's crowded marketplace. The traditional areas of business advertising, public relations and marketing are blending with technological realms like social media, Internet video and blogs. As the mass media grows and changes, businesses and other organizations recognize these challenges and need professionals who are skilled in communicating in this new environment.


What makes Walsh's Corporate Communication program unique?

  • Blended curriculum. Our Corporate Communication concentration is a unique program that mixes theory and practical skills that are found in our Business and Communication major's coursework.
  • Emphasis on ethics. As part of our Catholic mission, we stress ethics and responsibility within the coursework and the practices of this major.

What type of career can I look forward to with a Corporate Communication concentration?

A Corporate Communication student can find a career as a:

  • Marketing Communications Manager
  • Director of Marketing
  • Publications Manager
  • Advertising Agency Executive
  • Journalist/Reporter
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Production Assistant
  • Legislative Staff
  • Public Affairs