Photo of Tracy Popa
Tracy P., Jackson Twp.

  • Full-time DNP student
  • Graduated with her BSN from Walsh University
  • Graduated with her MSN and Nurse Practitioner degree from Malone University
  • A practicing nurse practitioner since 2007 with experience in hospital, in private practice and currently with Summa Health System in the occupational health setting

After receiving rmy bachelor's, I started helping out at Walsh with clinicals, which spurred me to consider getting involved in education. Obtaining a doctorate will help me achieve that goal and allow me to be more of a clinical expert.

I'm used to the traditional classroom setting, so adjusting to the online format was bit of a challenge. But so far it's been a great fit, especially with my hectic schedule - I work full-time, and I still teach, plus I have an 18-month-old. The online structure has definitely been beneficial in that regard because it allows me to access the course materials whenever I need to.

I like that we have on-campus meetings twice a year to remind us that we are all in this together. It helps to clarify questions about the courses that we are in. 

Photo of Mary Cook
Mary C., Louisville

  • Part-time DNP student
  • Started in the inaugural class
  • BSN and master's in Nursing Education from The University of Akron
  • Associate Professor and Clinical Coordinator at Aultman College of Nursing and Health Sciences

As a current nursing instructor, the knowledge I've gained in Walsh's DNP program has increased my ability to meet the needs of the students that I teach every day. With this degree, I hope to teach at the Master's level or maybe, one day, do some consulting.

Although I like the convenience of the online program, I also truly enjoy the times that we meet on campus as a group. It allows us to put faces to names and instills a greater sense of community among classmates. 

Photo of Victoria Bowden
Victoria B., Cleveland

  • Part-time DNP student
  • Received her BSN and master's degrees from Ursuline College
  • Working as a clinical nurse specialist at Metro Health Medical Center in Cleveland

I was drawn to Walsh's program because of its faith-based mission. I obtained my undergrad and my master's degree at a faith-based institution, which was very important to me. I also liked the idea of being part of a small cohort.

I have a few friends who are enrolled at Walsh and they loved it here. They felt it was a homey, personal environment, and when I met Dr. Pappas and Dr. Gerhling I knew that that was true. They're invested in individualizing the program to us as students and taking our careers to the next level, rather than having a preset agenda.

I was very impressed that right from the beginning that every class I have taken has helped me understand something better and take it back to where I work.  All the coursework has been applicable in my real life. It's not taking a class just to take a class.