As a Catholic, liberal arts university founded by the Brothers of Christian Instruction, Walsh University strives to educate students rigorously, requiring them to keenly observe and critically analyze the world around them. As leaders in service to others while pursuing meaning and truth, students will make informed judgments and respond to global change, all while being accountable for the ethical consequences of their actions. With these core beliefs as the foundation, the General Education Curriculum’s design provides student autonomy when choosing two of three themes: Leadership, Responsibility, and Social Justice; Science Innovations and Environmental Sustainability; and Creativity in the Arts, Culture and Humanities. The courses offered within these themes will nurture problem-solving, critical thinking, effective communication, collaboration, diversity, service learning, global learning, and the Catholic Intellectual Tradition.

College Level Proficiencies

Walsh University requires students to demonstrate basic baccalaureate skills in English and Mathematics. Those who are proficient based on test scores or transfer credits will not be required to take courses in these areas unless required by their declared major.

Proficiency levels:

English - ENG 102: Reading and Writing Connections
Mathematics - MATH 104 or 155

Students in pursuit of a liberal education and well-rounded knowledge are strongly encouraged to take courses beyond the basic graduation proficiency level.

Further information regarding general education curriculum requirements is available in the Undergraduate Catalog.