Charitable Bequest

Bequests can be for a specific amount, a percentage of your estate or a stated percentage of the residual amount of your estate. Considerable estate taxes may be avoided by naming Walsh University in your will. For example, IRAs, 401(k)s and other qualified retirement plans may be subject to estate and income taxes that can total up to 80% of their value. These investments come to Walsh tax-free, when bequeathed.

Charitable Gift Annuity* / Charitable Remainder Trusts**

A donor can make a gift to Walsh University and receive immediate financial benefits including a lifetime stream of income and a charitable income tax deduction. The donor's need and gift planning instrument will determine the best asset to be used to fund the gift plan.

* A charitable gift annuity is a contract between you and Walsh University. Walsh agrees to pay one or two annuitants you name a fixed sum each year for life, in exchange for your irrevocable gift. These payments are guaranteed by Walsh.

**A charitable remainder trust is a personal management plan that provides income to yourself or others and a charitable income tax deduction. When the trust term ends, the trust's principal passes to Walsh University to be used as you designate.

Charitable Lead Trust

Charitable lead trusts are the reverse of charitable remainder trusts in that a stream of income is first paid to Walsh University for a number of years, after which the remainder goes back to the donor or passes to another non-charitable beneficiary designated by the donor. Significant savings of gift or estate taxes may be realized when the lead trust principal passes to your beneficiaries.

Scholarship Opportunities

Named scholarships require a $10,000.00 investment. The funds are distributed as Student Financial Aid until the donation is completely expended.

Endowed Scholarships

These scholarships require a $25,000.00 investment. A percentage of the market value of the principal will be used each year. The corpus of the fund is not expended. This is a great way to memorialize a person.