Hkendall.JPGCollege Graduation Year: 2022
Hometown:  Malvern, OH
High School:  Malvern High School
College Degrees: Bachelor in Criminal Justice and Museum Studies, Minors in Forensic Studies and Community and Non-Profit Leadership

Hobbies/interests outside of work: Reading, volunteering in the local community, and going on fun adventures!

Activities participated in as a Walsh Student: Residence Life, Honors Program, Campus Ministry Service and Mission Coordinator, Cavs for Life, Museum Engagement Team, Crafty Cavs, and Career Center.

Favorite thing about Walsh: The ability to explore all of your interests while also building connections that will last a lifetime with friends, classmates, and professors.

Favorite places/things to do in Stark County: Attending the local festivals, exploring the beautiful Catholic Churches, attending Eucharistic Adoration in the area, and going to local restaurants with friends.

Advice for a prospective Walsh student: 1)Get Involved! As a student it is easy to get caught up in just trying to get your school work done. But an equally important endeavor is to get involved and build your network and community. 2) Never let the fear of failure hold you back from striving for excellence. 3) Let college be a time where you come to rest in beauty of God’s love for you, he is ready and waiting with open arms.

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Cell: 330.510.2985