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Interdisciplinary Studies Degree

The Interdisciplinary Studies major allows students to essentially design their own curriculum within the University's guidelines. Interdisciplinary Studies majors will choose three major disciplines of study and must complete 12 credit hours in each area. At least one course in each disciplinary area of study must be 300 level or above. In addition, students are required to complete the Walsh University core curriculum requirements as well as a Library Research course and an Integrative project.

Why Walsh?

Small Class Sizes. With an average of 25 students per class, Walsh provides close faculty-student interaction. Here you'll receive personalized attention from faculty mentors.

Academic Variety. With nearly 100 programs, you'll have plenty of options for slecting the three disciplines for your Interdisciplinary Studies degree.

Global Immersion. Some of the greatest learning happens outside the classroom. By participating on one of Walsh's numerous Global Learning opportunities, you can travel to places like Rome, Tanzania, Uganda and beyond.

Experiential Learning and Service. At Walsh, 100% of our students participate in volunteer work and many classes incorporate real-world experiences in the curriculum. This helps our students remain tied to their communities and gain valuable connections for after graduation.

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Career Opportunities

The Interdisciplinary Studies major prepares students for a wide variety of career settings depending on the chosen areas of study. Internships and experiential learning opportunities will help aid students in selecting a career path.


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