Computer Science

Information Technology Degree

Technology is the backbone to any business or organization. Walsh University’s information technology major prepares students to run business operations, manage resources and understand how companies use networks and databases. With a core classes in business and computer science, along with liberal arts curriculum, students develop strong communication skills in business and IT.

Why Walsh?

Business understanding

Our students learn how important effective management is for an organization's success and ultimate sustainability.

Responsible best-practices

Ethical, social, moral and personal responsibility is emphasized throughout the coursework and embedded in our students' classroom and experiential learning.

Integrated Curriculum

We established principles for each major, and these become themes that are carried out and reiterated through the curriculum and any experiential experiences. It's part of our effort to help students retain what they're learning and to offer them a foundation to draw upon throughout their collegiate career and beyond.

Expanded Online Course Options

This program includes select online courses taught in collaboration with other colleges across the country through our innovative partnership with Rize giving you access to a wide range of incredible instructors and more flexible scheduling options.


Experiential Learning & Internship Opportunities 

Experiential "hands-on" learning is implemented throughout the curriculum. Our business students have interned at organizations including: Ernst & Young, CNN, Diebold, The Timken Company, Aultman, Mercy Medical Center, Cleveland Clinic, J.M. Smucker Co., Professional Football Hall of Fame, Price Waterhouse, Sirak Financial and the U.S. House of Representatives. 

Career Opportunities 

Students graduate with a strong background in both IT and business, preparing them for careers such as:

  • Information Systems Manager
  • Chief Information Officer
  • IT Projects Manager


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