With a degree from Walsh University, students start reaching their dreams of becoming a doctor, pharmacist, computer technician and more.

Our Facilities

Every day, our students go to class state-of-the-art facilities, including our Bioinformatics Lab in the Timken Natural Sciences Center.

Our Faculty

Students learn from faculty members who are great teachers, caring mentors and experienced researchers.

Our Graduates

Our alumni are some of the most respected professionals in their fields, having earned M.D., D.O., Ph.D. and Pharm.D. degrees, among others. They contribute as teachers, researchers, health care directors, physicians, pharmacists, college faculty, business entrepreneurs and in many other ways.

Current Academic Programs Offered


The Walsh University Division of Mathematics & Sciences will distinguish itself as a regional leader in higher education for teaching and undergraduate research in mathematics, computer science and the natural sciences.


The Walsh University Division of Mathematics & Sciences exists to provide high quality educational experiences in mathematics, computer science and the natural sciences to Walsh University students, faculty and staff. In addition, the Division serves as a resource to the local community and beyond through seminars, special programs and consulting services facilitated by our faculty and student organizations. The Division engages in research activities focused in the undergraduate experience and supports student and faculty participation in scientific research, professional development and publication. The Division faculty is committed to helping students become leaders in the service of others, as educators, scientists, health-care professionals and in other vocations. The Division is committed to the principle of "reasoned inquiry" and encourages debate, discussion and inter-disciplinary study relative to all academic endeavors, and reflecting our Judeo-Christian/Catholic traditions.