The Walsh University vision statement was developed as a collective University effort to serve as the University’s North Star and emphasize our commitment to develop leaders with a moral foundation and an awareness of the common good.

Become a leading Catholic university known globally for inspiring others to pursue ingenious practices that serve the common good.

Walsh University Mission Statement

Walsh University is an independent, coeducational Catholic, liberal arts and sciences institution. Founded by the Brothers of Christian Instruction, Walsh University is dedicated to educating its students to become leaders in service to others through a values-based education with an international perspective in the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Walsh University believes in the desirability of a small university that promotes academic excellence, a diverse community and close student-teacher interactions. The University provides its students a higher education that fosters critical thinking, effective communication, spiritual growth, and personal, professional and cultural development. Walsh University encourages individuals to act in accordance with reason guided by the example and teachings of Jesus Christ.

To learn more about the history and mission of Walsh University, listen to President Tim Collins on the Cardinal Newman Society podcast.

Core Values

We commit ourselves to these values in all that we do as a framework for helping each other take our place as we discover our life's purpose.


We recognize that individual spiritual journeys and prayer are foundational in all of our efforts to fulfill the mission


We embrace the notion that our best efforts and selves are critical components to reaching our goals and ultimate purpose


There is harmony and truth in our thoughts, words and deeds


We selflessly place the needs and interests of others ahead of our own


We share a passion for the mission of the University and the values espoused therein as we care for and support one another to achieve the common good


In addition to numerous awards and recognition for Walsh University's academic excellence, Walsh is also proud to be recognized for our commitment to our Catholic mission. For several years running, Walsh has been recommended in the The Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College, a publication of the Cardinal Newman Society that recommends universities and higher education programs for excellence in faithful Catholic education. Walsh has also been consistently named a Catholic College of Distinction for offering an environment conducive to spiritual growth while preparing students for the future.