Brothers of Christian Instruction

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Jean Marie de la Mennais and Gabriel DeshayesOn June 16, 1819, Jean Marie de la Mennais, vicar of Saint-Brieuc, and Gabriel Deshayes, pastor at Auray and vicar general of Vannes, formed the Brothers of Christian Instruction by signing a treaty uniting their efforts to educate the working class in impoverished France. They vowed to carry the message of the gospel and the rudiments of knowledge to every child in need throughout the region and received Catholic papal approval in 1891. The congregation of the Brothers of Christian Instruction grew rapidly, soon extending their mission into Bulgaria, Turkey, Egypt, Spain, England, Canada, and the United States.

Throughout Walsh's history, the Brothers have played an active role in the prosperity of the University, serving as faculty during the original years and playing an integral part in the growth and development of our facilities and programs. Several have served as President. 

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