For Religious Sisters and Brothers, Priests, and Deacons studying or living on the campus of Walsh University

Walsh University graciously welcomes religious sisters and brothers as well as student priests to campus. If you are planning to enroll for classes at the main campus within the Diocese of Youngstown, you are expected to provide the following upon arrival to campus:

If you are a religious brother or sister, you will need to have on your person upon arrival to campus a letter of suitability and intent from your major superior. Please Note: A letter from a Bishop or priest will NOT suffice if you are a member of a Religious community. The letter of suitability from your major superior is a validation of who you are from your Religious community. The intent specifies what you intend to do while on campus (e.g. study in the CHD graduate program and volunteer around campus) as well as the expected time duration of your stay signed off by your major superior. 


If you are a priest or deacon, you will need to have on your person a letter of suitability from the Bishop of your diocese. If you plan to offer ministerial or sacramental services (celebrating Mass and other Sacraments) while in the Diocese of Youngstown you must bring to campus a letter from your Bishop requesting Faculties from the Diocese of Youngstown.

Failure to provide any of these documentation pieces may result in a request for removal from the Diocese of Youngstown and the inability to register for classes at Walsh University.

To be in full compliance with Diocesan requirements, ALL student priests, deacons, religious brothers and sisters must be fingerprinted with a background check as well as register online for a VIRTUS Child Protection in-service. Both the fingerprinting and the VIRTUS in-service can be completed on campus and arranged through the Office of Mission Implementation.