Walsh University has been serving students seeking a quality, values-based education for more than 60 years.  The legacy given to us by the Brothers of Christian Instruction is one of excellence, integrity, and service, and we intend to honor that legacy for the next 60 years and beyond.

As we work to provide our students with the preparation they need to be successful in the classroom, in the community, and in their careers, we are grateful for those who choose to partner with us on this journey, and there are many ways to be involved, including:

  • Scholarships- More than 95% of Walsh students require some form of financial aid to attend classes. Endowed scholarships bridge the gap for many, ensuring they have the resources to earn their degrees.
  • Endowment – A university’s endowment supports operations for the long-term, which helps keep tuition low for our students. In addition to scholarships mentioned above, donors can endow programs, professorships, deanships, research fellowships, facilities, and more.
  • Athletics – Our 22 athletic teams distinguish themselves in the classroom as well as in competition, and we are proud of their tradition of service to others. In addition to opportunities to help provide equipment, uniforms, training resources, and travel to away games, the University is in the planning phase of a first-time on-campus stadium that will be home field for several teams, including Cavalier Football!
  • Equipment Upgrades for our Byers School of Nursing – one of the best programs in the region, Walsh’s nursing degree program is well-respected and graduates a highly trained nursing workforce. Investing in the resources these future nurses require for an outstanding educational experience is investing in the future health of our citizens.
  • New Initiatives – There is so many exciting new projects on campus and a wide variety of opportunities to become involved. Some of those projects include:
  • Walsh University Global – making a Walsh University experience available to students around the world through nothing more than an Internet connection.
  • Catholic Higher Education Symposium – an annual experience bringing thought leaders from across the country to North Canton to enrich our dialogue and expand the body of knowledge regarding all aspects of a multidisciplinary Catholic education and its ability to build a more compassionate society.
  • Presidential Thought Leadership Series – designed to engage and showcase faculty, business, and public service leadership as well as visionaries from around the world with the purpose of seeking higher levels of teaching and scholarship.
  • Institutes for Research and Collaboration - Walsh has a number of Institutes on campus that are designed to further the body of knowledge and serve the higher good. These include, the Center for Restorative Justice, the Renacci Center, the Food Design Institute, and the Byers Family Institute for Community Health.

This list is just a sample of some of the many opportunities to become involved at Walsh University.  For more information, please contact Teresa Fox at tfox@walsh.edu or 330.490.7503.  


Online donations can also be made here