Walsh University’s Center for Veterans Affairs Hosted U.S. Air Force Training

Walsh University’s Office of Veterans Affairs hosted the U.S. Air Force recruiting team for an all-day preflight training event aimed at revitalizing the dedication, mission, and significance of recruiting for the organization. This comprehensive training covered various aspects, including leadership, the organization's mission, and shaping the overall perception of the Air Force and its core values.

photo of President Tim Collins addressing a group of Air Force service members President Tim Collins, a retired U.S. Air Force fighter pilot, visited the training session to express gratitude for their service and offer words of encouragement. He acknowledged the challenges they have faced, likening them to "mission impossible" scenarios, yet commended their ability to persevere and succeed. Dr. Collins emphasized the importance of sharing these experiences with the nation's youth, highlighting that every success story originates from overcoming insurmountable obstacles. By imparting the value of hard work and determination, he believes they can deeply resonate with the aspirations of young people, instilling in them the desire to excel and serve. Dr. Collins concluded by emphasizing the inherent joy found in serving others, reinforcing the notion that service is fundamental to our collective purpose and fulfillment.

photo of Staff Sergeant Avery Hale, Air Force Recruiter Staff Sergeant Avery Hale, a recruiter based in Canton, played a pivotal role in coordinating the training program at Walsh this year. Her primary objective revolves around raising awareness among high school students about military service and its associated benefits. Beyond her efforts in youth outreach, Sergeant Hale serves as a valuable resource for veterans and active-duty personnel seeking guidance in transitioning to their next phase. She can support them alongside Ruiz by advising individuals on how to leverage their military benefits to continue their education at Walsh University.

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