Walsh Nursing students have access to a variety of clinical, research, and community service experiences.

Clinical Experience

  • Nearly every Walsh nursing course requires students to participate in labs and receive clinical experience.
  • Walsh nursing students have access to state-of-the-art computer labs and clinical labs that mirror the hospital environment.
  • In addition, students will have opportunities for clinical practice in a variety of hospitals and community-based healthcare facilities in the Canton-Akron area. 
  • As students move through the nursing program, clinical experiences advance in complexity to match classroom instruction.

Community Service and Involvement

  • Nursing students have the opportunity to travel to Tanzania, where they will explore the state of healthcare and nursing education. This practical, cross-cultural experience allows Walsh students to visit Tanzanian hospitals and work alongside Tanzanian nurses and nursing students, all while earning credits toward their nursing degree.
  • Students in the upper-division nursing course, Nursing with Aggregates, develop awareness of the community health nurse’s role in faith communities. This service learning rotation involves working with faith community nurses (FCN) in various congregations ranging from under 100 parishioners to over 1,000. The student teams complete projects such as health fairs, health brochures, blood pressure screenings, youth programs, and more.