Peace Studies Minor (21 sem. Hrs.)

Introduction to Peace Studies (PS 201) (3), Conflict Resolution (PS 301) (3)

Select one from Area A: Peace and National and International Systems * (3):

Comparative Politics (GFA 213), International Politics (GFA 301), Latin American Politics (GFA 311), U.S. Foreign Policy (GFA 355), International Political Economy (GFA 409), International Organizations (GFA 413), International Law (GFA 415), War in the Global System (GFA 421), Diplomatic History of U.S. to 1877 (HIST 203), Diplomatic History of the U.S. since 1877 (HIST 204),Modern Latin American (HIST 309), Nonwestern World: The Middle East (HIST 311)

Select one from Area B - Influences on Peace * (3):

The Literature of War and Peace (ENG 315), International Organization (GFA 413), International Law (GFA 415), Ethics of War and Peace (PHIL 290), Philosophy of Nonviolence (PHIL 290),Social and Political Philosophy(PHIL 312), Christian Moral Response (THEO 203),Christian Attitudes Toward War and Peace (THEO 406), Religious Roots of Nonviolence (THEO 407)

Select one from Area C - The Promotion of Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice * (3)

American Literature and Environmental Justice (ENG 315), Comparative Politics (GFA 213), Political and Economic Development (GFA 401), International Political Economy (GFA 409), Immigration and Refugee Issues (GFA 421), African-American History (HIST 225), The Rise and Fall of Nazi Germany (HIST 313), To and From the Gas Chambers (JS 212), Hate Groups (JS 290), Holocaust Studies (JS 301), Science and Contemporary Health Issues (NS 101), Environmental Science: Life as if Earth Mattered (NS 103), Social Problems (SOC 204), Social and Cultural Diversity (SOC 205), Urban Sociology (SOC 304), Principles of Justice and Peace (THEO 309), Theologies of Eco-Justice (THEO 410)

Electives * (6)

Select two elective courses (6) from Area A, B, or C

* If a course is taken in one area, it cannot be repeated for either of the other area course selections.