Residency Requirements

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All single, full time students are required to live in the residence halls unless permission to live off campus has been granted by the University Housing Review Board. Permission will be granted if a student qualifies under one or more of the following exemptions:

  • The student is 23 years of age or older.
  • The student is living with parent(s) or legal guardians(s) and commuting to school. The parent(s) or legal guardian(s) must live within a 50-mile radius of campus.
  • The student is married and/or has a dependent child(ren) that he/she supports and lives with him/her.
  • The student has lived in a group residential setting for more than eight semesters (excluding summer housing sessions).
  • The student served and/or is discharged from the Armed Forces.

Am I Able to Terminate My Housing Contract?

All entering students, of traditional age, need to declare their status as a resident or commuter by completing the New Student Residency Status Form available in the Office of Admissions. Commuting is defined as living exclusively in the permanent and primary residence of a parent or legal guardian.

Once a student establishes his/her status as a resident, he/she must seek approval for a change of status to commuter. Formal requests can be made through the Residence Life office for consideration by the Housing Review Board.

University Housing Contracts are binding for the entire academic year effective the moment you accept the terms. A request from a student to be released from the housing contract must be submitted by completing a "University Housing Request for Release" form. Only cases of demonstrated hardship that have occurred since the signing of the Walsh University Housing contract will be considered. The decisions made by the Housing Review Board are fully supported by this University and are not eligible for appeal. If your petition is denied you are not eligible to petition again until the following academic year.