The IoT – Applied IoT Solutions credential builds on the skills and concepts learned in the IoT – Fundamentals course and helps enrollees learn direct application of IoT (Internet of Things) technologies including sensors to create simple and inexpensive IoT solutions to solve real-world problems. The knowledge and skills deepen the participants’ understanding of company IoT solutions and gives the participants an understanding of how routine tasks can be automated. They will gain insight into how data can be more efficiently collected and how that data can be integrated into a system to result in better decision making. Upon completion of this credential, participants will build on the fundamentals learned in the IoT Level 1 course and create actions based on the insights from their IoT solutions.

Skills include:

  • Lean how to create no-code/low code solutions
  • Communicate the impact and value of IoT solutions
  • Identify how to deliver the insights and actions required to drive business value
  • Lean how to map business process to technology solutions

The technology-driven components involve the use of IoT-related technologies and other systems to collect real-time data, the use of cloud-based technologies to capture and manage the data, and the use of software applications to provide actions based on the data received from the IoT devices. The program then involves the adjustment of technological systems considering the data from the IoT solutions.