This course builds skills to solve real-world problems with IoT (Internet of Things) solutions. The knowledge and skills deepen the participants’ understanding of the possible applications of IoT in their everyday work environment. This will give the participants a more robust proficiency in understanding how to solve problems and create efficiencies within their job responsibilities.

Upon completion of this credential, participants will be able to identify key IoT competencies and hone their skills through the “art of possible”. Additionally, participants will learn to simplify the jargon and create real world IoT solutions.

Skills include:

  • Explain the definition and usage of the term “Internet of Things” in the context of your industry
    and future trends
  • Understand the key components that make up an IoT system
  • Find and use simple IoT concepts and tools to improve business efficiency and profitability in
    your job
  • Create and present key ideas for using IoT in your business setting

The technology-driven components involve the discussion and demonstration of how the IoT-related technologies and other systems are used to collect real-time data and how cloud-based technologies can be used to capture and manage the data. Participants will be introduced to software applications designed to receive messages from the IoT devices. Participants learn how technological systems are adjusted based on business goals and objectives.