The IoT – Integrated IoT Solutions credential builds on the skills and concepts learned in our IoT – Applied IoT Solutions course in identifying direct application of IoT technologies and sensors to create IoT solutions to solve real-world problems and furthers the implementation to create integrated technologies through the organization. The knowledge and skills deepen the participants’ understanding of companywide IoT solutions and gives the participants an understanding of how enhanced data collection can lead to increased company efficiencies.

Upon completion of this hands-on experience, participants will learn how IoT solutions are integrated within multiple departments of their organization.

Skills include:

  • Learn advanced integration of low no-code / low code solutions with multiple departments
  • Communicate holistic IoT solutions and the integration with multiple technologies
  • Identify scope, timelines, and budget required to deliver IoT solutions
  • Develop advanced IoT solution
  • Identify proof of concept vs production ready solutions

The technology-driven components involve the use of IoT-related technologies and other systems to collect real-time data. Participants will also explore the use of cloud-based technologies to capture and manage the data, and the use of software applications, such as Microsoft Power Automate, Azure Logic Applications, Azure DevOps, Azure PaaS, and Office 365 to provide advanced IoT solutions.  Participants will adjust technological systems based on results and insights gained through the integration of multiple departments within the organization.