Status reports are required to be submitted every four months from the effective date of the agreement and every four months thereafter. 

Note: The effective date can be several months prior to the actual approval date.  This is because you can submit for retroactive tuition reimbursement for programs taken for a period of time prior to the approval of the application.    

Mark your calendars to be sure to submit the appropriate status report for each round of funding where an application was approved. 

When you submit a status report, you will receive a confirmation email.  Forward the email to Dr. Dan Passerini at in order to update your file and help you track grant compliance.

For ease and to insure you do not inadvertently void your application, it is recommended that you update the status of each of your open grant whenever logged into your TechCred account to apply for additional rounds of funding.

Click here for detailed instructions on submitting status reports.