Chloe Abalaka

photo of Chloe Abalaka
Class of 2024
Major: Criminal Justice and Psychology, Community and Clinical

From the moment Chloe Abalaka set foot on Walsh University's campus, she felt a profound connection to its mission. Drawn by its commitment to values-based education, diverse academic offerings and nurturing environment, she knew she had found a home where her passion for service and advocacy could flourish.

“Walsh has profoundly impacted my personal and academic growth by instilling in me a deep sense of responsibility toward serving others,” Chloe said. “Through various service-learning opportunities and coursework that integrates ethical considerations, I have developed a strong moral compass and a passion for making a difference in my community and beyond.”

Chloe, a Blouin Scholar double majoring in Criminal Justice and Psychology, has delved into the complexities of human behavior and the criminal justice system with unwavering determination. Her goal is to become a criminal defense attorney and advocate for those who need it most.

But Chloe's impact extends far beyond the classroom. As president of the Walsh Pre-Law Club and vice president of the Black Student Union, she's an enthusiastic champion for inclusivity, diversity, and empowerment. She's also actively involved in campus organizations like Active Minds and the anti-human trafficking group Cavs Coalition, using her voice to raise awareness and drive meaningful change.

Walsh has provided Chloe with more than just an education, she's had countless opportunities to grow, learn, and evolve into the confident, compassionate leader she is today.

“Walsh has provided me invaluable opportunities for hands-on learning through internships and experiential coursework. As a Blouin Scholar, I have been able to travel and gain insights into education. Additionally, the support of dedicated mentors and career advisors has been instrumental in helping me navigate my career path and define my professional goals.”

Chloe plans to take a gap year before attending law school and pursuing a career as a criminal defense attorney.

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