Leah DiMichele

Leah DiMichele
Class of 2024
Major: Professional Writing
Minor: Psychology and Communications

Leah DiMichele ’24, a Professional Writing major, may never be the most loquacious student at Walsh University, but she will always appreciate that her professors and advisors took an interest in her learning and encouraged her to get involved on campus.

Leah is involved in the Cavs Cor Cordium mentorship program as a Cavs Cor “Courage” leader. Cavs Cor leaders serve as mentors for one of 12 cohorts of 12-15 first-year students during summer orientation and Welcome Weekend. Each cohort theme is inspired by one of the Walsh founding Brothers of Christian Instruction. Throughout the academic year, Leah and the other Cavs Cor leaders plan fun, engaging activities for all undergraduate students. The Cavs Cor “Courage” cohort strives to build a community of individuals who lead with courage and face challenges with bravery.  

“I became a Cavs Cor leader at the very first chance I could,” Leah said. “During my sophomore year, I experienced the most growth, and I attribute most of that to Cavs Cor and the other leaders I met in the Courage cohort. I made so many new friends and became more confident in my ability to speak with students and this carried over to my other positions on campus.” 

In addition to her role with Cavs Cor, Leah works in Student Affairs part time, she is a tutor, a Walsh University Marketing and Communications intern, a tour guide with Admissions and Vice President of the Diamond Mission. 

“The most important lesson I learned during my freshman year was to step out of my comfort zone,” she said. “Since then, I have allowed myself to feel uncomfortable at times to grow as a person. Now, I am involved on campus, I talk to people daily, I navigate situations in an authentic way that aligns with my values and doesn’t feel forced, and I feel confident speaking up for my beliefs.” 

According to Leah, she has always been shy, not very sociable, and unsure of herself. Her experiences at Walsh helped her feel confident in opening up to people, and for that she is grateful. 

“High school was hard for me. As someone who is sensitive, I felt like I had to hide my feelings and that made it difficult to connect with people and be myself,” she said. “At Walsh, I was constantly shown support and patience as I figured myself out and grew as an individual and a creative writer.”  

Leah has always had a passion for writing since she was young, and she is excited for her future. 

“I have become confident in myself at Walsh and that has benefited my writing,” she said. “I am passionate about writing and that makes me excited for my future and all that I can create! I look forward to furthering my education as a professional creative writer who can freely show expression, and I hope to publish my own book someday.”


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